Bangkok Local Photographer Chitipat (Ian)


Our local Bangkok photographer Ian Impressive knowledge become clear when you start exploring the city with him.

He loves the people he meets, the places he goes and the spontaneity of every picture, When you meet Ian you soon feel his “ Old Soul” and kindness that makes him a special.

“I make a point to look at everything because each object or location says something, regardless of its age or usefulness.!”



What inspires you to do photography?

The exciting of seeing my camera reel for that one epic shot. Looking back at my photo albums that turn into a timeline of my adventures and the look of my guests and your own face as you show them there photos.

What would you say to someone considering your experience ?

With my years of insider knowledge and discoveries you’ll see why BKK is so special. It’s finding new things;
the joy of the discovery and sharing my stories. That can mean capturing moments, meeting interesting new
people, or finding cool new shops and locations. There’s never a dull moment!

Tell me about yourself.

I grew up in Bangkok and now call Bangkok home, I’m a lifestyle and travel photography who loves my job and everything that comes with. I believe that capturing life stories and moments is so important, not only for you but for ones those closest to you too.

I enjoy using the camera as a way to affect someone’s perception of reality in that immediate moment. My goal is to make the experience of your travels in Bangkok incredible and every bit as magical as you hope it to be!