Moments When Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The below FAQs provide answers to commonly asked questions

Due to trips sometimes getting booked consecutively and the time needed to process and edit them, we ask that you give us a wait time of 72 hours maximum. We will do them as fast as we can. The gallery is normally available the next night and once selection edits next.

As with any high-quality camera, some editing is required unless there is full lighting and gear to help with the entire shoot. Because this is not a styled professional photoshoot, we don’t carry this equipment. So some editing is necessary afterwards to provide you the standard of quality and colours we desire.

If we use our camera or phone to get photos of you, we will provide approximately 40-50 images in an online gallery, we offer 15 edited photos.

Yes! You’re welcome to choose. It’s as easy as favoriting them in the gallery.However, we want to reserve the right to choose 5 photos so that ones that will really shine after some editing will end up in your hands no matter what. If you’d like to choose to let us know.

Yes! If you would like us to edit any additional images beyond the included 15 from the final set of photos. We have a small fee for additional images price dat 2 USD or 60 THB per image.

We don’t offer image manipulation services. This means such requests like changing your hair colour or as we’ve been asked to do before, to remove one of the temple windows. (Yes, that really happened!)