Maricel - Vegan Chef in Bangkok


The first taste of Maricel’s delicious harmony of flavours and textures is the moment when you’ll get a glimpse of how beautiful and tasty eating plant-based cuisine can be.

That’s her gift. Her holistic strategy of seasonal & local organic ingredients creates moments that go beyond meat.

“I never would have imagined being a host and a chef, but it’s truly what I love to do and I only found it because I was following my heart.!”



What inspires you to cook and host?

It’s a special occasion where I can express and share my creativity and passion for what I love. It also allows me to introduce plant-based cuisine with a different perspective. A lot of people think only about vegetables and fruits when they hear about veganism, but through my events I want to show the true potential of what plant-based food can be.

What is it about what you do that makes you happy?

Cooking and hosting strengthens the relationship with myself. I feel that happiness is something we are all looking for, but most of the time we are looking for it in the wrong direction. We have it in us; let it shower us with all the love and light that we deserve. The most important relationship in life is the relationship with yourself.

Why do you love Bangkok?

Bangkok is a unique city and from here it’s so easyother parts of Asia. I love how the city has been growing. In terms of plant-based cuisine, you can now find more options for restaurants and products. It is so exciting to be a part of this growth and experience how people are embarrassing to a more conscious and healthy lifestyle!

What’s the one thing you’d say someone who is considering your experience ?

Come with an open mind for a night filled with flavor and imagination combined with seasonal plant based ingredients. Be ready to be spoiled and surprised with unique dishes that you’ve never had before!

Leaving Germany, traveling for 5 years to over 70 countries, becoming vegan along the way. Throughout the journey, I have been cooking & collecting original recipes, developing my versions that are now ready to share with you.