Our Story

Why We Created Bangkok Experiences with Photographers

It started as a passion and became a mission.

To create unforgettable local experiences and travel journeys in South East Asia that capture moments, connects people, and enriches lives.

“Life is to be lived with hearts open and senses wide-awake. Whether you work with us, join us, or discover with us, we believe that our purpose is to create magical moments that truly connect and once experienced, are to be shared and retold.”



Original, meticulously crafted, experiences in Bangkok soon to be Vietnam and Cambodia, our original “photography hosts” capture our guests moments of discovery while sharing stories that unveil the real spirit of a place connecting you to the people, places and incredible food you encounter in a way you’ll never forget. Each passionate photography host has their own personal style of fun, personality, and all welcome our guests as good friends. You’ll explore the special personalities of the city, off the tourist track, have lots of fun, adventure and incredible photos to show your travels to family or friends.


To be truly unique you need to create original experiences that go beyond mainstream and expected. We understand that travelers have individual tastes, want to see the authentic heart and soul of the city and capture/ document there travel journeys to share with friends and family. That’s why we have the Moments When version to see the different sides of a city all with your own photography host. We want you to leave us with a real experience, seeing more than you could have ever expected, and mostly importantly leave with stunning pictures, not only of the incredible places that we’ve visited, but ones that feature you discovering Bangkok

“No request is too great and no detail too small because we understand how each piece is important to make an unforgettable experience become reality.”


Our photography hosts are our greatest asset, working together with a sense of pride and deep satisfaction in the experiences we craft together. We hand-select people who are passionate, knowledgeable, and love what they do. They become our “well-travelled friends” and soon will be yours, too.