Bangkok Photographer Panupan (Mike)


We love our travel photographer Mike’s fun and lighthearted energy that he brings to his  experiences.

He’s an instant friend; he’s ready to make you smile and relax so you can have that great shot. He provides endless opportunities to make genuine connections and unforgettable stories of Bangkok.

“My guests are like my family and friends. We always have fun sharing laughter and stories together!”



Tell me about yourself?
My nickname is actually Mai, but with the Thai tones, it’s not usually easy for travellers to pronounce so I just tell them “Mike.” It’s the little things that make me smile and I try to not take myself too seriously. Laughter with friends and family is something I have in my life and I want to share that happiness with my guests.

What inspires you to do photography?
My camera or my phone is always with me because I’m always capturing the moments I have with my friends and family. (And myself) You get to meet new people by taking photos and really get to know the spirit of someone. Now, I have this incredible opportunity to connect my love of people, my home, and photography.

What is it about taking people’s photos that makes you happy?
It’s so much fun to get involved with the excitement of the moment while taking photos and being included in my guests’ experiences too! Like with the experience I hosted last night – we got along so well that we continued the evening after it was supposed to end. I ended up making friends with people that I didn’t know 24 hours ago!

What’s the one thing you’d say someone who is considering your experience ?
If you want to explore the city with a friend, with lots of smiles, humour, and of course awesome photos, then come with me! Our adventure together exploring real local Bangkok is a great opportunity for us to connect, learn more about each other, and create some moments that you can treasure forever.

My approach to the camera is the same way I hang out my friends, making sure everyone is genuinely feeling comfortable. It’s so much fun to get involved with the excitement of the moment and be part of the experience!