Individually Tailored Tour Experiences - Just For You!

Individually tailored experiences are our specialty and what we love the most. We are excited to use our extensive first-hand knowledge of Thailand to craft experiences that perfectly fit your unique style and preferences.


Moments When allows you to personalise your tour experience the way you wish and travel with a private host guide.

It’s an intimate Bangkok experience designed with just the places and activities that suit your personality and style. Based on our consultation approach, we’ll curate everything from the vision (the idea, specialty, and locations), to the details (the host, flavors, special activities, and photo opportunities). Our signature experiences are the best in class and a great place to get inspiration. Because it’s your personal experience, you can combine the best of the signature experiences, focus on just one area, or create a new one entirely. The choice is yours! If you’d rather spend time exploring rather than planning, you’ll find the Moments When bespoke experience to be of real value.

“No request is too great and no detail too small because we understand how each piece is important to make an unforgettable experience become reality.”

Our areas of
Specialty, Passion,
and Host Experience


Your meals are more than just a chance to dine during the day. That special flavor can define a moment, a season, and create a mark of authenticity. It’s no secret that sampling regional cuisine is one of the best ways to truly connect with a destination. With Bangkok now on the global stage for food, there are so many options. There’s Michelin star street food, local families serving their signature dishes in their homes for over 60 years, incredible flavors that go Beyond Meat, Bangkok urban farm with the freshest organic produce and even dining in complete darkness. Let us create an experience that transports you on a gastronomic journey, weaving distinct flavors into exceptional dishes or must-have traditional Thai creations.

“It’s no secret that sampling regional cuisine is one of the best ways to truly connect with a destination”


Explore the city beyond the standard itinerary and predictable locations with an authentic, individually tailored experience. You’ll get to immerse yourself in the local culture and discover the color and vivacity of locations both new and old. They’re led by our Hosts, your local friends that know your personality. From visiting spots praised by locals to meeting some of the people that are influencing Bangkok, it’s an opportunity to visit the city’s culturally fascinating and surprisingly uncovered. Buildings that have lasted since the 1800s, highest views of Bangkok from a point that’s not normally available to the public. Meet and watch some of the local artists behind the scenes and then visit a special or secret location for a breathtaking sunset to end the day, with so may option the choice is yours.

“Immerse yourself in the local culture, and discover the color and vivacity of locations both new and old.”


Imagine unique locations around Bangkok where you’re at each spot when there’s almost no one around to get in the way and the lighting is perfect. That’s what our Photography Hosts can design for you. Our photography experiences have been designed around this central goal, with an emphasis on quality at all times. No matter what your personal photography tastes are like – culture, street style, landscapes, architecture, or film, you can have us focus on one of these styles or combine as many as you want. We can explore the creative hub of Bangkok to find inspiration or just incredible scenery. We can shoot at the best palaces for sunset, the unknown alleys for street photography, or even the hidden angles around the majestic temples.

“You’ll have the best light and scenery so you’ll have plenty of time to linger in the charming spots to soak up the essence of the place.”

We believe in the personal. When you choose to work with Moments When, you work directly with our directors.


All Moments When experiences are customized from the ground up – this takes both time and effort. In order for all our expertise and energy to go into designing a truly customized experience, we charge an Experience Planning Fee. This small fee depends primarily on the length of the experience. For example, the fee for a four-hour experience will be different from a two-day experience. The actual costs of the experience are in addition to the Experience Planning Fee. The good news is, if you decide to book us, we’ll reimburse the Experience Planning Fee and use it towards the actual experience, reducing the total amount of the final cost. Our experiences typically cost between 400-1200 USD per person per day. Sometimes they’re a little less, sometimes they’re significantly more; it really depends on your personal tastes.

You’ll have the best light and scenery so you’ll have plenty of time to linger in the charming spots to soak up the essence of the place.

For a Self-Led Experience Design

You only pay us a single amount for the experience design. It will have all of your details and recommendations, including an idea of costs.

For a Hosted Experience Design

You pay us a single amount for the experience. We pay everyone else. The Experience Planning Fee is included in that, since the host is involved. Your designed itinerary will be mapped out with list of costs and all inclusions. Depending on individual tastes and the different options available, like wine, that will be at the guest’s own expense.

2- 4 hours MW experience

THB 500

4- 8 hours MW experience

THB 700

12 hours MW experience

THB 1000

1.5 day MW experience

THB 1500

2 days MW experience

THB 2000